Order a Doctor Honoris Causa degree

This is the wording for a honorary doctorate we use by default:
Doctor Honoris Causa

The fee for a certificate with this wording is 200 euros.
You can choose instead among the following wordings and prices:

300 euros:

Doctor of the University, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Arts, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Music, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Literature, Honoris Causa

400 euros:

Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Visual Arts, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Fine Arts, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa

500 euros:

Doctor of Letters, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Education, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Technology, Honoris Causa

600 euros:

Doctor of Business, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Business Administration, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Law, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Commercial Science, Honoris Causa

1,000 euros:

Doctor of Social Science, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Engineering, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa
Doctor of Human Rights, Honoris Causa

Using our intermediary services you can get a Doctor Honoris Causa degree. The benefits of holding such an award are well known. Outstanding people who made notable contributions to science, arts, or culture may very well deserve such an award. We offer you the opportunity of getting this prestigious award. We charge a fee of 200 to 1,000 euros, payable to us, but from which the university will benefit and for which it will be grateful. A bond will be created between the recipient of the award and the school. All honorees are required to duly represent the values of the institution that grants the degree through their reputation and skills. The degrees are fully verifiable. Any third party can address themselves to the university asking for confirmation of the award. The verification requests will be acted upon only when they are accompanied by the awardee's written, signed consent.

After the grant of your degree is approved, and your payment is processed, your certificate will be printed and shipped to you. Showing a sample of said certificate on our web site would infringe our confidentiality policy. The certificate will be printed on a A4 parchment, letter size parchement, or similar. It may have an embossed seal. It may have ribbons. It may have the rubber stamp of the institution. It all will depend on which one the institution that grants the award is.

If after reviewing your résumé the institution feels it can't award you the Doctor Honoris Causa degree on the basis of your achievements and turns down the application, you would be duly notified, and in that case you can still apply for this prestigious award in return for a donation. Wealthy individuals willing to become a patron for the school can apply for a Doctor Honoris Causa award in return for some thousand euros.

The university which grants the degree will be a small private legally registered university. It has explicit authorisation to grant these awards at its discretion. The university may not run a campus. The university is registered in an English speaking country or jurisdiction in the Americas, Northern Hemisphere. According to our confidentiality policy, customers learn the name and the country of the university upon receiving the awards. If these conditions don't suit your needs or expectations, we advise you not to apply.

Order by e-mailing us your résumé and address. You can use also the contact form in this web site. The documents will be printed and shipped after we receive the payment through bank wire or PayPal.

In order to hire our intermediary services it is mandatory to read the Terms and Conditions. Your fully agreement with our Terms and Conditions is absolutely necessary.